I have two worksheet/sheet in a google sheet, namely "Company" and "Data". In the "Data" sheet I have a button "Hide Rows" which will hide certain rows on "Company" Sheet on click. For this I have written following AppScript.

function hideRows() {
  const ss =  SpreadsheetApp.getActive().getSheetByName('Company');

But it is showing following error upon clicking the "Hide Rows" button:

Exception: The parameters (number) don't match the method signature for SpreadsheetApp.Sheet.hideRow.

How to correct the code so that I can hide one or several rows of separate sheet?

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Change your code to ss.hideRows(3)


There are several ways to hide rows in a sheet, but each has a specific syntax.

hideRow(row) - Doc ref

This is the method that you called but this hides a row in a given range. So if you wanted to use that method, you should have specified a range. For example:

var range = sheet.getRange("A3")

hideRows(rowIndex) - Doc Ref

This alternative hides the row at the given index. This is the method that you were trying to use and the code would be:


hideRows(rowIndex, numRows) - Doc ref

There's also amethod if you want to hide multiple (contiguous) rows through a single command.

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