Google Finance, in Google Sheets, works for US stocks but not others (for example UK).

US stock: msft

=GOOGLEFINANCE("msft","price") works

=GOOGLEFINANCE("msft","currency") works

UK stock: lon:barc

=GOOGLEFINANCE("lon:barc","price") works

=GOOGLEFINANCE("lon:barc","currency") does not work

Calling a non US stock, in this example, one from the London Stock Exchange, returns a #N/A error. With the error message "Function GOOGLEFINANCE parameter 2 value is invalid for the symbol specified".

According to the documentation

  1. parameter 1, is ticker
  2. parameter 2, is currency

The stock currency was working previously, but stopped working a while (over 6 months) ago and has never been fixed as far as I can tell.

Is there a fix for this problem?



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