My question is quite similar to the one posed some time ago: Is it possible to check Microsoft Exchange mail from Gmail? What’s new is that Microsoft Exchange does not support POP3 authentication anymore. More recently, someone seems to have had my same problem and is still waiting for an answer: https://www.reddit.com/r/GMail/comments/nej1yg/can_i_route_my_outlook_email_through_my_gmail/

Shortly, my institution mail was recently migrated to Microsoft Exchange Server and I would like to check/import such emails into my Gmail account. Following the standard procedure to import email into Gmail
Settings > All Settings > Accounts and Import > Check mail from other accounts: Add another email address
  I am offered only the possibility to import email from another (non Gmail) POP3 account and not OAUTH2. If I blindly proceed with the POP3 option and set

  • POP Server: outlook.office365.com 
  • Port: 993

The import obviously fails. Does anybody know a way to circumvent this problem or if there is another way to configure OAUTH2 method in Gmail? I tried setting up a forward rule, but it does not provide the whole functionality I would need; moreover, this solution is discouraged by our institution. Thank you in advance.

  • As of July 28, 2022 we are also experiencing this problem. It seems Microsoft has disabled Basic Authentication for POP3 / IMAP. We have yet to find a way to enable it again. Clients like GMail will not be able to authenticate. Jul 28 at 17:17


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