I am having some issues with making some conditional formatting work - I'm trying to Highlight the cells in paris - H&I and J&K based on what is in cell L - If L contains the word "opening" I want J&K highlighted Green and H&I highlighted Red - If L doesn't contain the word "Opening" then I want the reverse - H&I highlighted Green and J&K highlighted Red - I've looked a various forums online and guides but none of them seem to be able to help.

(The cells I want highlighting are blank, so depending on what the outcome of L is - the colour of the cell will then inform the user what cells need to be completed)

  • It will be much easier for the volunteer contributors here to help you if you will share a copy of your spreadsheet, with the link permission set to "Anyone with the link" and "Editor."
    – Erik Tyler
    Feb 8, 2022 at 17:08

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There are three things to do:

  • Add the column ranges separately rather than a single range combining both columns
    • use J1:J10,K1:K10
    • don't use J1:K10
  • Use a custom formula
  • Reference Column L as an absolute ($L1)

Rules: Columns H and I


Rules: Columns J and K




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