I use the product of the logical test and the value_if_true instead of using an IF function when the following two conditions are satisfied:

  1. value_if_true is a number
  2. value_if_false is zero

When the conditions are met test*value_if_true is equivalent to IF(test,value_if_true,if_false)


   IF Function      test * if_true
  =IF(TRUE,4,0)  |  =TRUE*4  
  =4             |  =4       
  =IF(FALSE,4,0) |  =FALSE*4
  =0             |  =0

Adapt for text

I want to apply a similar approach but change the value_if_true from a number to a text string.

The two conditions would now be:

  1. value_if_true is a text string
  2. value_if_false is zero.

The formula test*if_true doesn't work in this case:

=TRUE*"text"     =FALSE*"text"
=#VALUE!         =#VALUE!

Is there a way to adapt the formula so that it can accept values for value_if_true that are text strings?

I want to use it in long complex formula with both text and numbers and want to make combinations using * and + instead of AND and OR

  • What do you think you'd get if you multiplied "dog" by 4? Four dogs? in integer test*value == >0 or 0, which can be used as true/false. dog*4==NaN.
    – Tetsujin
    Feb 8, 2022 at 16:38
  • Why reinvent the wheel? Any clever solutions to avoid using IF will require a lot more characters than the very few characters you saved by avoiding it. This seems like an The XY Problem that begs for additional details on the "why"
    – Blindspots
    Jul 6 at 2:16

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without a multiplication:


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