My question is very similar to this one, only I would like to be able to control Youtube's fast forward and backwards feature (the one you do with right and left arrow when focused) while unfocused.

I have a keyboard with media key functionality (a Logitech G915), the reason I need to skip forward and backwards when unfocused is because I generally have the video open in one tab on one side of the screen, while I take notes on my note app on the right side. The pause key already works while unfocused, but I often need to skip back a few seconds in the video to catch something I missed while writing. I cannot do that right now without switching focus onto the youtube window, skipping back, and then focusing back onto the note-taking app.

All the extensions I could find, such as streamkeys allow to use the two other media keys to move to the next or previous video in the playlist, but not to use them to skip forwards and backwards.

Is there a way I could do that?

  • I don't think this question is a duplicate. The proposed duplicate question seems to be asking about YouTube keyboard shortcuts when the browser window/webpage is focused but the video element itself is not focused. OP is asking a different question (and one that I would also like answered): How can we skip back/forward in YouTube when the browser window is completely unfocused/minimized/etc and we're working in a completely different application?
    – Michael
    Feb 1 at 18:23


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