I have created an HTML form (not a Google Form) that populates a Google Sheet. The form has both text inpt and checkboxes (multiples of each.) On the Google Sheet, if a checkbox is checked on the form, it populates the cell in the Sheet as "On".

I am looking to create a Doc using markers to pull the data from the sheet to a printable form, but I need to have a checkmark present instead of the cell data. I suppose I could create additional columns and use an IF array for each instance of the "On" to create a checkmark in the adjacent column to display a checkmark, but I'm sure there's an easier way to do it with a script in the Doc but I have no idea where to start.

All help is greatly appreciated.

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Unicode char#9745 is a "check box check". The formula =CHAR(9745) will produce the checkbox check (as shown in the sample below). But CHAR() is not available in a script.

To convert a Unicode value use String.fromCharCode(9745).

This script is an example of testing for a value of "ON" and, if true, creating a new variable with a value of the checkboxcheck. In this script the variable is then pasted into cell A2 for demonstration purposes.

function myFunction() {
  var ss = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet()
  var sheet = ss.getSheetByName("Sheet1")

  var cellA1 = sheet.getRange("A1").getValue()

  if (cellA1 === "ON"){
    // Logger.log("DEBUG: it is ON")
    var chkbox = String.fromCharCode(9745)
    // Logger.log("DEBUG: it is NOT on")



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