I need to automatically copy the name and date from "Client" sheet to "Call" sheet based on a criteria or trigger which is "X" on a recurring basis.

Ex: If I put "X" on a cell, it will copy the data inside the "NAME" column for that particular row and the date on TOP (ABOVE CELL) of the "X" tigger.

I have attached a sheet


For the sake of example: If you look at "call" tab. It should copy "James Harry" and "December 6".

  • the date is not always ONE row above the name cell, see for example "June A", for whom you have to go TWO rows above. Is it your mistake or something you wanted? is it editable?
    – Daniele
    Feb 13 at 21:43
  • I suggest to create a column for the groups, therefore NOT to put the groups under the label "name"
    – Daniele
    Feb 13 at 22:47

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the formula for column A of the "call" sheet is:


for column B you must first solve the group problem

here the new link

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