I'm not 100% sure what specifically I'm asking here, I think I'm needing a variety of different formulas all in 1. In Google Sheets, I need to pull the results of checkboxes in tab 2, and bring them into 1 cell in tab 1.

I'm also open to a better way to organize the raw data if it would make for an easier solution.

I was able to get this to work on an old version of the examples below with a range of connected cells. But in this version of the document, the cells dont touch. Example. Denied features for Jane Joe would be found in cells B3, E3 and H3.

In the images and link below, in tab 1 ive typed in the desired result of this formula im searching for!


I have 2 tabs:

Tab 1 "Overview" When a meeting with the partner happens, a quick overview of the data added in tab 2 "Raw Data", needs to be added to tab 1 "Overview". With a comma separating each item that is "true"

Tab 1 "Overview"

Tab 2 "Raw Data" As depicted in the image, Raw Data has a list of partners (ultimately there will be about 1,000), with different features they may or may not be using (ultimately there will be 12 features, i made this version as an easy to see version). Each feature has 3 different checkboxes. Denied, Accepted or already using. All of this data will be manually entered after meetings with that partner.

Tab 2, Raw Data

Review: I need to pull matching data from tab 2 regarding the results of non-touching checkboxes and bring them into 1 cell, separated by commas, in tab 1. Matching the correct partner.


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