I'm thinking to share 1 Google Account for all my store keepers. But however how to limit their privilege for example only me can change the password?

Otherwise each one can edit password and make chaos. I read somewhere about Gmail delegate something like that but not exactly since I want to prevent no other Google Accounts being created. Just sharing 1 account.

Is that possible? And what solution for this scenario and how?

Many Thanks

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There is no way to share a "Google account" with limited access, actually it's discouraged to share accounts between multiple users specially if each of them will be using their own device (worst each of them will be using multiple devices) as this might trigger the "suspicious activity" protection.

It's worth to mention that some Google services have "shareable accounts" i.e. Youtube channels might be administered by multiple users.

Also there are "administered accounts" known as Workspace accounts: An admin can change the password of other users belonging to the same "organization".


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