Custom Formula doesn't work on certain cells.

A little background, I am making a timezone sheet for a discord where someone input the time they wanted and checks who is and is not available at that time. I decided Conditional Formatting will be great for this. I used the custom formula - =IF(TIMEVALUE(na)>=N,1) - "n" being the column, "a" being the row, and "N" being the number of your time (formatted as a number).



This being interpreted as any cells in that range greater or equal than 9 pm is colored "red".

So now, the first few works but once I got to 'F11:K11', it suddenly did not work. enter image description here

I just copy-pasted the previous formula that I implemented on the first ones. I just changed the "N" value. This is was especially strange so I deleted it then remade it. Unfortunately, still did not work. I am absolutely stumped.


this is the link so you can see for yourself.

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It was just me being dumb after all. It was apparently the "a" factor that I was wrong about since the time basically revolved around cell F4 when it should have been "F11" or "F12" whatever row it was.

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