In Microsoft Excel I know I can select a row by:

  • Inserting a table (table name "Table1") with header
  • Select column by = Table1[@ColumnName]

enter image description here

How can I do this in Google Sheets?

  • Take a look at the QUERY() function and use it together with Address() and Match()
    – Daniele
    Mar 2, 2022 at 18:32

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I recommend that you use named ranges.

For instance:

1.) Select all of Column A by clicking on the "A" at the top of that column.

2.) Select Data > Named ranges.

3.) Enter a descriptive name (e.g., Beers) instead of the generic name suggested and click "Done."

From that point, you can refer to that range simply by typing Beers in a formula.


Google Sheets doesn't support the Microsoft Excel "table" feature (i.e. From Excel menu Insert > Table).

To "select" a whole column you might use the A:A reference form or (as it was previously suggested) use a named range that points to range using an A:A reference.

When using QUERY the second parameter might make reference to column by using the column letter (use A instead of A:A) and Col1 pattern when passing an array as the first parameter instead of a range reference.

When using INDIRECT you might use R1C1 notation instead of A1 notation.

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