My Problem

I am trying to embed a Google Document on a site. This is possible using the file/publish menu, which generates embeddable HTML code to be used within a site. enter image description here

The problem is that this solution is limited to public documents, and it does not work with private documents that are shared with specific people only.

What Have I Tried

I tried using the embed link with private documents to which I have access. It does not work.

My Question

Can I embed private GSuite documents in HTML documents, so that only users with permissions can access them?

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    If you haven't done yet please read Make Google Docs, Sheets, Slides & Forms public? If you need further help please add a brief description of your search efforts, add more details like if you are using a consumer/free account or a Google Workspace account and in case that you are open to use workarounds, show what you have tried (i.e. use Google Apps Script or another another web app)
    – Rubén
    Mar 6 at 17:15


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