What formula would I use in Google Sheets to insert a check box into cell A2 if the value of cell B2 is "Signing"?

I only need the check box if B2 is signing

I can get column A to have all check boxes or add them in individually but there has to be automated way to do this.

Maybe with a conditional format or Data validation or script maybe a IF formula

I would like this ro run each time a new row is added and Column B has the word Signing in it I cant figure this one out

Thank you for any help


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One way to do that is to first insert checkboxes in column A, and then use conditional formatting to set the text color of the checkboxes to white to make them invisible when the value in column B is "Signing". An invisible checkbox cannot be toggled accidentally.

Use this conditional formatting custom formula rule for the range A2:A:

=B2 = "Signing"

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