Is there a privacy setting on Facebook that will stop the posting that is made on your friend's wall when you make a new friend?

I do not want this to appear on my friend's wall when I make a new friend enter image description here

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I do not think there is a setting that will prevent you from appearing on your friend's wall, but you can control what shows up on your own profile (via Facebook help page):

You cannot completely turn off Recent Activity stories; however, you can:

  • Prevent people from seeing certain Recent Activity stories on your profile by editing individual privacy settings.

  • Remove Recent Activity stories by clicking the "Remove" button that appears to the right of the story after you move your mouse over it.

You can also find more information about preventing people from seeing recent activity stories from this Facebook help page.


See if the Better Facebook Extension works for you.

It should automatically remove new actvity, but I am not sure if you are able to filter which activity is posted.

Steps to remove


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