It's so annoying that all my friends can react to messages with any emoji and reply to messages, while I can't. It would make messaging so much more convenient. They disabled these features in the EU for some stupid privacy reasons.

I'm in Europe now, and I tried all of these (at the same time):

  • used VPN to use internet through Thailand
  • set fake GPS location to Thailand
  • temporarily switched to my Thai SIM Card
  • updated phone number associated with Instagram account to my Thai phone number
  • even cleared app data of Instagram app before opening it again

And still I didn't get the option to upgrade my messaging.

Even when I was in Thailand last year I couldn't update it.

Does anyone know a way to bypass this?

Even after linking my Instagram and Facebook accounts, and repeating all the above steps, I still don't get the option to update it.


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it's because your account was created in a region wich this feature isn't possible

  • oh that makes sense, thank you (btw it's not me who downvoted your answer)
    – Cedric
    Feb 4, 2023 at 3:02

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