I am using Google Slides where I want to have links to various slide numbers in the presentation. For example Slide 2 is always the daily rundown of activities. I create a link as BaseURL/edit#slide=id.p2 The next day I duplicate slide 2 and it becomes slide 3. But the link no longer points to slide 2 but to slide 3. It looks like the URL is opening the slide by an internal number rather than the slide number. How do I format the URL so it always opens to slide 2 regardless of the slide id? Yes, I know I could jump through some hoops to make sure I don't move the slide with id.p2, but that is a very error-prone solution. I would be OK with changing the id of the slides, but I cannot find a way to do that either.

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After a ton of Google searches, trying different things, and just dumb luck I found what seems like an undocumented approach. The trick is to not use the id at all, but rather the actual slide number.

The URL therefore becomes: BaseURL/edit#slide=2

Once the user arrives at the slide Slides converts this number to the slide ID in the URL. So if the user copies the URL, the trick is broken.

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