I am using the SPARKLINE function to display a bars graphic within a cell, using the optional parameters lowcolor and ymin. The idea behind lowcolor is to be able to identify the lowest value with a specific color, for instance for the formula

=SPARKLINE(QUERY(GoogleFinance("FB", "price", TODAY()-60, TODAY(), "daily"), "SELECT Col2"), {"charttype","column";"color", "#4147BF"; "highcolor","green";"lowcolor","red"})

I would get

enter image description here

Which isn't exactly very useful for me, as the lowest value is hardly visible.

So I added the ymin optional parameter to the above formula (in the example I just simplified it with a hardcoded value, but in my real sheet is calculated)

=SPARKLINE(QUERY(GoogleFinance("FB", "price", TODAY()-60, TODAY(), "daily"), "SELECT Col2"), {"charttype","column";"color", "#4147BF"; "highcolor","green";"lowcolor","red"; "ymin", 100})

Whichs gives me:

enter image description here

And that part is working OK, the min value of the Y axis is now set to 100, instead of the minimum value in the dataset. The problem is that the lowest bar in the dataset is not colored. I understand that Google Sheets is mixing up the min value of the dataset with that of the Y axis.

Would there be any way to be able to color the minimum bar of the dataset and still be able to set the ymin parameter?

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I don't know if that is realy possible, but what about a result like this? sparkline

the cell below has the same sparkline formula but with "charttype", "winloss"

  • That's clever, it achieves the goal of identifying the lowest value at a glance. with the drawback of having to use a second row, but I might end up implementing this.
    – kerzek
    Mar 20, 2022 at 8:36

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