What's the best way to incorporate LaTeX into a WordPress blog?

It should render in every major browser (IE, FF, Safari, and Chrome).


There are a few available plugins of varying quality. One problem most of the plugins have is the vertical alignment of the LaTeX-generated characters. Equations sit too high on the line most of the time. The only plugin I've found to get around this problem is WP-QuickLaTeX which works seamlessly. However, it doesn't handle displayed equations, only inline equations. I don't know of a plug-in that gets vertical alignment correct and handles displayed equations. (And I've tried them all as far as I know.)


http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-latex/ is the answer ;-)

Developed by Automattic's Michael Adams and live on WordPress.com, it is well supported and maintained.


It's not WordPress specific, but jsLatex has been an option I've seen people use to get LaTeX into browsers.

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