I know that my question illustrates a fundamental lack of understanding, but I have hacked together a sheet that almost works except...

I am importing data from googlefinance then operating on the data. The problem is that the length of the data is not always the same. So my problem boils down to this:

Assume column A and B contains data e.g. A1-A10 contains date and B1-B10 contains price, cell c1 contains a COUNT of the data in column A so I know how many data points.

=TREND(B1:B10,A1:A10) will result in a trend line if I get all 10 data points and fail if not

How can I modify the TREND function arguments so that "A10" is instead "A(0 + the contents of C1)"?

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Use a combination of ADDRESS() and INDIRECT

  • Cell C1 = count of the number of rows. This can be used to generate the second half of a range.
    • Let's assume that the value in C1 = 9.


  • address($C$1,1,4,true) = A9
  • address($C$1,2,4,true) = B9
  • add a prefix of "A1:" and "B1:" to generate the string value of the ranges
  • "A1:"&address($C$1,1,4,true) = A1:A9
  • "B1:"&address($C$1,2,4,true) = B1:B9


  • INDIRECT returns a cell reference specified by a string.
    • indirect("B1:"&address($C$1,2,4,true)) - returns values in the range B1:B9
    • indirect("A1:"&address($C$1,1,4,true)) - returns values in the range A1:A9



  • Really appreciate the clarity of your solution - thank you Mar 26, 2022 at 11:35
  • Glad it works for you. You might consider “accepting” the answer.
    – Tedinoz
    Mar 26, 2022 at 22:11

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