I have a real estate company and have a spreadsheet that tabulates all the data on our closed deals. One column is the date that the property closed. I am trying to figure out a formula that automatically counts the cells(closed deals) from the closed date column that will then put that number in a summary column of deals closed each month.

Thinking COUNTIF(d1:d24,>01/01/22,<01/30/22) for the month of January.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Instead of using countif, try countifs (with the s at the end):


If it doesn't work, show (share or make a similar sample) your spreadsheet. Visualizing it makes it easier to help...


Just to show that Google Sheets often provides more than one way of getting an outcome, try this query.

=query({D2:D24},"select count(Col1) where Col1 >= date '2022-01-01' and Col1 <= date '2022-01-30' label Count(Col1) ''")




Rather than hardcoding dates into formula, use a dynamic formula and reference date cells.


  • =query(A1:D8,"select count(D) where D is not null and D >= date '"&TEXT(G8,"yyyy-mm-dd")&"' and D <= date '"&TEXT(G9,"yyyy-mm-dd")&"' label count(D) ''")


  • =countifs($D$2:$D,">="&$G$3,$D$2:$D,"<="&$G$4)


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