I am from Country C1 & I follow a user U1 who is from country C2.

User U1's account has been blocked on Twitter at a country level by my country. If I go to the user's profile, this is what I see:

Withheld Account

I don't see tweets by the user - which is fine. But I see retweets by the user but with the name of the retweeter withheld.

I want to do one of these things

  • Unfollow the user

  • Mute the user

  • Not see retweets by the user

But all these are settings on the user's profile page & it's not accessible to me - so how do I do this?

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You can use a VPN to switch to a country that this user is not withheld in and then unfollow them.

  • Doesn't work. Tried it. The account has already been marked to a country. So temporary switching to VPN doesn't unwithhold the account.
    – user93353
    Commented Jan 30 at 2:56

All you can do at this time is to individually Unfollow, Mute, Block each of the follower's accounts.

Directly from Twitter support, in their own words:

Twitter’s account suggestions are based on algorithms that make personalized suggestions for you, this cannot be changed. We do apologize that there is no mechanism in place to mute or block Retweets from followers of withheld accounts without having to block or mute them individually when you see them come across your timeline.

We want you to enjoy Twitter, so we have a lot of different tools you can use to control your experience.

Tap the (three dot) icon at the top of any Tweet, right from your Home timeline, to quickly access options like unfollow, mute, block, report, and more.

Control what you see:

Unfollow: Easiest way to stop seeing someone’s Tweets on your Home timeline

Mute: You won’t see that account's Tweets in your timeline, but you’ll still follow them

Block: Restrict the account’s ability to interact with your account

Report: You can report an account you think is spam, abusive, posting sensitive media, impersonating someone else, among other violations

Don't shoot me, I'm only the messenger.


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