I am trying to create a formula to count based on two different set of or conditions. If I remove the second array ({BB$3,BB$4,BB$5}), then the formula works but when I add the second condition it gives me error that the array has different sizes. Can someone please help me figuring out how to fix this error. The formula is saying if column has title a or b or c or d or e, etc and the offer date is greater than x date and the offer status is sent and the location is a or b or c then count if.

=ArrayFormula(SUM(COUNTIFS(GH!$G:$G,{BB$5,BB$6,BB$7,BB$18,BB$9,BB$10,BB$11,BB$12,BB$13,BB$14},GH!$G:$G,BB$5,GH!$N:$N,">"&($B83),GH!$K:$K,"Sent",GH!$W:$W, {BB$3,BB$4,BB$5})))


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