Every now and then I see this little red dot on the tab (which I'm assuming is shown to indicate a new incoming/unread email). I use the web version of Outlook FWIW.
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However, when I switch back to the tab, I do not see any new emails. Refreshing the page also doesn't help. It happens very frequently - like 5-10 times a day during a shift.

What is Outlook trying to tell me?

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Yeah, that's frustrating. it supposed to be an alert that you have new unread mail, but for me, it seems to also mean new unread 'what's new' too. just to the left my name icon, in the upper right corner, is an icon that looks like trapezoid, or a bullhorn speaker,...click on that and acknowledge the news by scrolling through the list of items. then click to exit. now you might see, like I did, my red dot go away!

what's new

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