I am creating exams for my students in Google Docs and would like to easily change the values and answer options without having to do all the math each time. I would like to have a google sheet where I can set the variables and have each possible multiple choice answer auto generated - and then be able to open a nicely formatted Google Doc where all these values automatically appear.

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This as easy as copying from Google Sheets and pasting in Google Docs, making sure that you "paste linked." It will paste as a table. When you change your sheets, an "update" button will appear on the Google Docs.


The "paste linked" option is only available if pasting multiple cells.

If you need to paste a single linked cell, first paste it as part of 2 cell range, then edit the link using "Change Range" to limit it to the single cell.

Credit to @Matěj-Kříž for this workaround.


Short answer is: NO, this is not possible.

Unfortunately, this is not possible at the moment (02/2023). The main reason is that it does not go to insert the table inline into the text. Inline table is unsupported.

See the related question How can I align a table so that text floats around it in Google Docs?

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