there. I uploaded a clip from an episode of a TV show to YouTube and I wanted to add accurate subtitles to just that clip. So I used AegisSub to open the .mkv of the full episode. AegisSub extracted the subtitles from the .mkv and made them editable. I then deleted everything from the subtitles except the lines from the particular scene I was uploading. Then I exported the edited subtitle file as an .srt, and uploaded that .srt to my YouTube clip using the video editor.

The video editor shows the correct text and the correct time stamps for the subtitles, as provided by the .srt file.

But when I play the video and hit the CC button on YouTube, it shows that English CC/subtitles are already selected, but no subtitles show up. This happens both on YouTube on my laptop, and on the YouTube mobile app on iOS.

Do you think the issue is the .srt file itself that I created in AegisSub? Or an issue with YouTube? Or...?

Also, the clip is in .mov format, do you think that's part of the problem somehow? Should it be an .mp4? I am not super tech-savvy, so please explain like I'm a grandma from the 1890s.


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