I am using:

=TEXT({K24}, "ddd")

But is K24 is blank then the results always equals "Sat" how can I get a blank K24 to result in ""?


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Use if(), like this:

=if(K24, text(K24, "ddd"), iferror(1/0))

Alternatively, use Format > Number > Custom date and time to set the date format to Day as abbreviation.


Try this one, for example:

=iferror(TEXT({K24}, "ddd"))

Since this does not work with reference to a cell, (just to smile) I am writing other three that do work:

=TEXT({""&K24}, "ddd")


=TEXT({upper(K24)}, "ddd")


=TEXT({join(,K24)}, "ddd")
  • I would like the one who gave the -1 to my answer to also give me the motivation ... I still believe that my answer is correct and answers the question exactly. I am always ready to accept any right correction.
    – Daniele
    Apr 23 at 18:38
  • ok... I understand the -1 :) I had tried with numbers inside the brackets, not with a specific cell ... with numbers it works, with a cell it doesn't.
    – Daniele
    Apr 23 at 19:58

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