I was trying to log in to Google Docs from my phone. I am using Firefox on the phone. When I enter the address docs.google.com I am redirected to google.com/docs/about, which looks like this:

The Go to Docs link leads to docs.google.com/document/u/0/?gif=d and when I click it, I simply end up back on the about page. I tried to log out of my Google account and log back in. That didn't help. I have no trouble using Docs or related features from my PC.

Why am I stuck in this loop?

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Looks like Google Docs (and their sister products Sheets, Slides, except Drive) does not support mobile view, so when it detects that the site is accessed on mobile, it will:

  • try to open their corresponding native Android app (if installed/enabled), or
  • open the page normally, but then it will be automatically redirected back to the About page (tried with Chrome desktop on device mode, got HTTP 302 to https://www.google.com/docs/about)

I only figured it out that it is possible to access these pages on mobile browser by requesting the desktop site. There is no mobile view, thus even if the page is already loaded, turning off the desktop site will automatically redirect to the About page again.

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