Is there a way to create a table of contents in Google Docs like you would in a wiki?

I have huge documents with many sections. I currently use block quotes to separate those sections and keep things in perspective.

However, it would be nice to have some tag that I can give to titles and then those tags appear as a table of contents at the top. That way I can easily browse though different things.

Any thoughts, plugins or CSS to do this?


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You can create a table of Contents in Google Docs;

  1. Add headings to your document by clicking Format > Paragraph styles in the toolbar, and selecting a heading.
  2. Click Table of contents from the Insert menu. The table of contents appears wherever you've clicked in the document, so make sure you place your cursor where you want to add the table of contents. If you need to move the table of contents, select it as you would select text and either move it with your cursor or cut it and paste it.
  3. You can continue to add headings to your document or change current headings. However, if you'd like a change to become part of the table of contents, you need to click first the table and then the Update now button.
  4. Each item in your table of contents links to the titled sections of your document that use the heading styles (that you added in step 1 above).


Hope this helps.

  • This is great !! . Thanks so much. One more question, you might know .. the links in table of contents need to be clicked twice [once to get the link and then again to actually click it] , ctrl click did not work either .. any easy way to do 1 click and move throughout the doc . Also if reverse linking is possible that would be nice as well. Thanks again ! Jun 23, 2011 at 4:42

Another way to link any text in your google doc, provided you've set up a table of contents linked to your headings, is to highlight the text(s) of interest, right click and select "Link", scroll down to headings and click on it to display all headings and select the heading you would like the highlighted text to link to and click apply.


Aside from creating a Table of Contents (which automatically update, nice!) as indicated by the accepted answer, you can also create Bookmarks which function like standalone headers.

You can also link directly to headers without creating a Table of Contents.

Put the cursor on the header itself, then look at the address bar of your browser. It should change to update the fragment (hash - #) at the end like #heading=h.abc32def4 -- this should correspond to the link created in the Table of Contents. Copy that entire url and use wherever needed.

(Answer copied from another question)

  • This might not have been available at the time of the original answer, but when inserting a link (via CTRL+K et al) there is an option below the textbox to choose from document headings -- it accomplishes the same thing.
    – drzaus
    Feb 6, 2018 at 20:49

You CAN use the Outline at the left side of the Document page as an Index it's a little Tab with a sort of Tablet icon below the Toolbar, if you don't see it go to View then select Show document outline and you'll see it show up on the left.

All you do is change each header to a Title. Highlight each one, then in the Toolbar click where it says Normal Text to open the Drop Down Menu, move your mouse over Title and click Apply 'Title' then just change the Font and Size back to what you had it set as.

The only thing is the Normal Text can't be in the same line as the Title so you'll have to start your Normal Text under it.


If you share the Google Doc with others as "View Only" mode the links will work with one click.

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    This is not what the OP is asking. Mar 27, 2014 at 16:49

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