I want to unfollow a friend, so I won't see their posts in my news feed, but I'll still be friends with them. I'm using Facebook web.

I have tried the two methods suggested on Facebook's help page and both of them seem to be broken:

  1. Via their profile: I have gone to their profile and clicked Friends. However, there is no "Unfollow" option anywhere on the page.

  2. Via the News Feed settings: I have gone to Settings > News Feed Preferences > Unfollow and chosen 'Friends only' to see which friends I can unfollow. They are not shown in the list (most of my friends aren't either). Searching for their name does not bring them up either.

I'm definitely friends with this person, and I'm not already unfollowing them.

Has Facebook removed the ability to unfollow someone?

It is going to make it very difficult to use Facebook if so.


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