It's quite useful to display the borderline of a country on Google Maps.

If you click on the country name, the border line will show up, for instance:


enter image description here


enter image description here

When you click "India", there is no borderline showing up:


enter image description here

Is there any way to turn it on for India?

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To avoid any controversy, and as an indirect sign that a country has conflicted borders, Google doesn’t highlight it when you search its name... A much-known example, in this case, is of India and Pakistan.

If you are still looking for a map of India, perhaps get one from a bookstore? There is also plenty of maps on the Internet, but keeping the fact that India's borders are being fought over with several countries, it most likely will differ from each other.

So in short, Google most likely won't be adding a red border for India to avoid controversy.

  • Greece has no conflicted borders nor disputed areas, yet it doesn't have a borderline on the maps. I have no personal explanation though.
    – Evangelos
    Nov 22 at 20:56
  • True, maybe it's a symptom of just being a country of archipelago? This is also true for the Philippines, which is a country and an archipelago. I checked other archipelagos (from this wikipedia list) and this seems to be generally true.
    – David Tan
    Nov 23 at 1:04

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