and how to prevent it from happening?

There is a Pokemon Go event in Japan that is not mentioned too much in its official English website, and I added some details about it as a comment in a YouTuber's YouTube video, edited it, and then again edit it to add a YouTube link for its Japanese event details video, again not too much known as its voice is in Japanese but it had video footage of what the event is about.

And then YouTube says "Error" without explanations when I submitted it the second time editing it.

I copied the whole comment, deleted the previous one, and then pasted it back as a comment.

All looks good. And I have spent 5 minutes doing it, for the greater good of everybody.

And then 20 seconds later, the whole comment got deleted.

I don't think the YouTuber did it, as he shouldn't be standing by the computer 24 hours a day, and my comment only add to the details of the event, which does no harm but just to give other users more info. And this has happened to me many times before: editing it 2, 3 times within 2 to 3 minutes and perhaps adding a link to another YouTube video that is relevant. (which is some official video and not my own video).

So why is the comment removed? Is it due to me editing it for 3, 4 times within 2 to 3 minutes? Was it due to another YouTuber link? We are just minions that don't serve for the greater revenue plan of YouTube, it seems. Why did it happen and how to prevent it from happening?


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