I am trying to solve the problem how to extract specific value (coin price) by date, I entered a formula to extract current coin price which is this one :=IMPORTXML(K61 ;"//div[@class='priceValue ']")

K61 refers to : https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/mobilecoin/

How it would be possible to extract the same coin value in 2021/12/01 for example?

Here is historical data page:
But I cannot found a solution where code can extract a specific date (the date I want to enter and it would change if I need so, and coin price also refers to it) coin price.
To sum up, I need a code that extracts coin price from the date that I enter into a Google Sheet field.

  • Hi, welcome to WebApps. Your question seems to relate to the operation of MobileCoin website rather than the IMPORTXML.
    – Tedinoz
    May 10 at 4:19


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