I have the following situations and want to solve it with 1 formula:

extract FV3883 and 38 from the string originals NMD_R1 女款 白蛇紋FV388338

extract VN0A3WM1TUT and 35 from the string Sk8-Hi Reissue CAP 'Glitter Mix/White'VN0A3WM1TUT35

extract DC9517-600 and 36.5 from the string: 1 Mid SE (GS) "Arctic Pink" 櫻花粉 少女粉DC9517-60036.5

extract DC9517-600 and 36 from the string 1 Mid SE (GS) "Arctic Pink" 櫻花粉 少女粉DC9517-60036

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    You asked the same question earlier today, but seem to have deleted that question now. It is unclear why you should delete a question that already had an answer. Consider sharing a publicly editable sample spreadsheet with realistic-looking data, and showing your manually entered desired results there. May 10 at 13:44

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As I already answered in your previous question (now deleted), use regextract(), like this:

=regexextract(A2, "([-\w\.]+?)(\d\d(?:\.\d)?)$")

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