I am creating a cold war timeline to write a history. There are many entries, which consist of an "event" in one cell, a "date", a "place", and names of "people" who were there or affected. SO for example: "Cuban Missile Crisis first meeting", "March 4, 1964", "White House", "JFK, Maxwell Taylor, RFK, Curtis Lemay, Etc..."

Here's my problem: Suppose I have a hundred such entry rows. "JFK" is at many of the events, "RFK" is at a few. How can I find all the entries with both "JFK" and "RFK"?

I suppose I need some way to tag the various rows with the characters that are associated with these events - not put a bunch of names in one cell or all the names in individual cells.

Is this possible with a spreadsheet? Or do I need to export all the data to some other program?

Any suggestions?

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    Welcome to Web apps stackexchange! Could you share a spreadsheet with realistic data and in a separate sheet, what you hope the output will look like. This is so that we can easily help you instead of having to make our own mock data. Thank you and hoping to hear from you. This seems like a fun project.
    – David Tan
    May 11 at 0:11
  • Hi, welcome to WebApps. I agree, an interesting project. For any given event, what do you think might be the maximum number of people attending an event? You said not put a bunch of names in one cell or all the names in individual cells, I think I would disagree because you have to identify the attendees somehow. It would be nice if there was a "better" UX to add attendee names to an event. My off the cuff thought would be to use Calendar for managing events, people, locations, etc and export details to Sheets for reporting.
    – Tedinoz
    May 12 at 23:27


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