I currently have a spreadsheet that is a template for data entry. For the first column of input, it is a Y/N question-- if the answer is Yes, then there are other fields of entry for columns E-J. But if the answer is No, there is no input for this variable and I would like the following cells through columns E-J to be filled with "N/A" and, if possible, highlighted light gray. I know that once this is all said and done, I could easily search and replace to get my desired input, but because this is a collaborative Google sheet I want this to be done uniformly as we enter data.

  • I don't think how you are describing this is possible because you are essentially asking the cells to contain two different types of content at the same time. You can certainly use formulas to fill the cells depending on the Y/N response, but you can't also expect the cells to be able to handle manual entry or drop down selections if it already contains a formula. You might consider using a data intake tool linked to a sheet; like Google Forms. Or use Apps Scripts to build a custom data intake UI...or trigger an apps script to do the work (those three options progressively more difficult). May 20 at 0:04


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