I'm involved in a citizen-science project, polling recreational anglers about their fishing locations on the ocean (lat-lon), various characteristics at each location (depth, what species they catch, etc.), and some voluntary contact information. In spreadsheet form with each row being a respondent, there would be about 10 columns (each column being the response to a question).

I sent out a Google Form that compiles all the responses to a Google Sheet on the back end as a dry run, but due to limitations in Google Forms, respondents have to submit a separate response for each location they want to provide. Virtually every person I sent it to said it was tedious and they'd rather just enter the data into a spreadsheet rather than scrolling through 10 questions and then having to provide multiple form submissions if they want to provide multiple locations.

Is any such thing where I can distribute a link either via email or just a stand-alone URL to potentially hundreds of volunteers (who can in turn share that to whomever they wish) where the respondent is presented with an empty spreadsheet they populate with their responses. It would require that the field headers can't be edited/altered and no one can see anyone else's responses. The spreadsheet would just look empty to each respondent. On the back end, the responses would be compiled into a single spreadsheet, much like how a Google Forms/Sheets works now. Google is so close - if they would just allow users to embed a Google Sheet in the form itself, I'd be set, but that's not possible at this time.


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