I'm trying to build a reservations spreadsheet for my friend's restaurant where she can input on monthly sheets as resos come in, then see a filtered, sorted summary of any selected day.

Here is a copy of the sheet I have so far (with false resos).

Daily Overview: this is as far as I've managed to get. In cell A6 I'm able to filter the data from the hide_feed tab by the date selected in cell A1, but I'm not able to have the formula insert blank rows to group the times, as demonstrated in Daily Overview_Desired Outcome

Date Range: same issue here, in A6 I'm able to filter by date range (selected in A1,B1), but would like there to be a blank row between each date in column A, as demonstrated in Date Range_Desired Outcome

PLEASE HELP! I've tried everything!


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You can use custom formula filters to achieve this.
In the filter menu, go to Filter by condition > Custom formula is ...

Daily Overview:

E.g. to filter for 6:30 pm and later, keeping blank rows.
*You'll need to format column A as Time for the formula to work.

Date Range:

E.g. to filter for 5/21/2022 onwards, keeping blank rows.


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