I'm looking for a way to filter values based on another column but keep them in the same rows they came from. Here's an example I created manually of the correct output: enter image description here

The goal here is to have a formula (or maybe 3 separate filter formulas) such that the constants can be sorted based on sample number but retain the original rows they came from so that they keep their associated dates. I figure I can use something like =FILTER(B2:B,C2:C="Sample1") to fill in column G, but that doesn't retain the rows properly.

Any help is appreciated!

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We are essentially saying: if C2:C is equal to "Sample1" return the corresponding value in B2:B, otherwise, leave the cell blank.

  • Could have sworn I tried something very similar to this before, maybe I just had my columns mixed up. Anyway, thanks a ton! This works exactly the way I needed it to.
    – Sp3ctral
    Commented May 19, 2022 at 15:43

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