I have a column that contains a bold number and a non-bold text part. I want to use this information as a drop-down selection list, but it currently isn't letting me keep the bold formatting on only the number part.

For instance "14250 House" becomes "14250 House" when copied.

The digits are exactly 5, the word(s) afterward is of undetermined length, approximately 5 to 10 letters and spaces.

Is there an option somewhere to fix this or maybe a workaround?


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Bold in drop-down

It would not be possible to have a drop-down list with a mixture of plain and bold text ... but using a particular encoding it will be possible. The formula is quite complex, take it apart function by function to understand it.

=ifna(REGEXREPLACE(A2,text(REGEXEXTRACT(A2,"\d+"),"0"),join("",index(char(code(split(RegexReplace(TEXT(REGEXEXTRACT(A2,"\d+"),"0"), "(.)", "$1 ")," "))+120734)))))

Here the test sheet

  • Another option is to use Google Apps Script and the edit trigger to apply the format after selecting the dropdown value. Your mileage might vary. :) Commented Sep 27, 2023 at 22:09

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