I know how to create a drop down list of options, and how to use conditional formatting to change the color of a cell based on the selection from the list.

However, I do not want the list item displayed in the cell, just the corresponding color box that matches the selection. Ideally, someone could enter text in that cell as well [but this is negotiable].

For example, if someone chooses 'on hold' from the drop down menu, I want to make the cell yellow, BUT, not display the words 'on hold'.

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Without the drop down option you can also write whatever you want. For example in the whole row 2 you can write anything you like, but if you write one of the words: red or yellow or green the cell will become that specific color


test sheet


You could, using conditional formatting, also change the text color to the same color as the cell background. The ability to input a text into the cell would probably not be possible.

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