I have a sheet with multiple tabs where one tab serves as a master, containing a list of music tracks. This master tab contains information about each track, like duration and BPM (tempo). In another tab, I want to display different information about the same list of tracks. (I eventually need multiple of these——let's call them sub-tabs——to track different types of data, but the master track list must remain the same).

Right now, I have an ARRAYFORMULA command setup to print a copy of whatever is in the A column (the track list) in the master in the A column in the corresponding sub-tab. The command reads:


Entering data in the sub-tabs works fine if any number of tracks are added to the bottom of the track list, as by definition, the A columns in ALL of the tabs (including the master) will be synced. The problem arises when I add tracks to the middle (which I often need to do, as I sort them alphabetically) by inserting blank rows. Nothing in the master tab is affected, but the data in columns B onwards in all the sub-tabs remain in their original rows and don't shift with the master.

I need to find a way to link or lock or marry the data in each row of each sub-tab to its respective track name in column A so if the track names shift around, said data shifts with it.



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