source cell: CCA, BF
result cell: C, CC, CCA, B, BF

CCA is a complex code relating to a hierarchy. It means, CCA is child of CC, which is child of C. So, the formula should split into all parents (C and CC) and keep the child (CCA) -- and do this for a concatenated list of strings. The current maximum of levels is four (ABCD) but might be more in the future.

I have no clue how to create a formula for this.

It's connected to the research data being part of https://raramagnetica.vercel.app/vikus/vismag/


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Try split() and join(), like this:

=arrayformula( join( ", ", unique( flatten( transpose( left( split(A2, ", ", true, true), sequence( max( len( split(A2, ", ", true, true) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) )


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