I am an educator trying to find a way to automatically group students into broad groups of 'below' 'at' and 'above'. My data is more specific (i.e. numerical value between 0 and 30) and I would like to be able to input the specific numerical data and have it automatically sort names into the broader groups. I would prefer this to happen on the same sheet if possible. I have already conditionally formatted so that it colour codes, but I would like it to ADDITIONALLY create an extra table.

So far I basically have 'if score between 0 and 3, cell turns red. If between 5 and 8, cell is green, etc.' I would like a formula that says 'if cell is green, copy matching name into 'at' column, if cell is purple, copy matching name into 'above' column, etc.

I am very new to Google Sheets and am working it out as I go so would love help for this! I have attached quick sketch of what I'm hoping to achieve: enter image description here



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