I need help with a code.

I need to get a notification on my email or Slack when for example, column D changes. But I would love to received what column changed.

Here is what I got right now.

function sendEmailAlert() {

  var ss = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet();

  var sheetname = ss.getActiveSheet().getName();
  var user = Session.getActiveUser().getEmail();
  var cell = ss.getCurrentCell()
  var col = cell.getColumn();
  var row = cell.getRow();
  var Toemail = '************@gmail.com';
  var subject = 'New Entry -' + ss.getName();
  var body = 'Cambio de DSID- '

  if(col === 2) {
    MailApp.sendEmail(Toemail,subject, body);


how can I add knowing what changed?

  • Hi! Take the tour here. How often do you think your spreadsheet will be edited? Appscript has a daily quota limit of 100 emails per day so if editing is frequent, then you're better off not using email. I can't think of a possible alternative though
    – David Tan
    Jun 7 at 0:41

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"But I would love to received what column changed."

Since your IF statement (if(col === 2) {) is watching Column B, perhaps you mean that you would like to know what row changed, &/or the cell address, &/or the old value, &/or the new value.

  • If you want to keep the function name of sendEmailAlert then create a installable onEdit trigger. Otherwise, rename the function to onEdit and it will automatically execute as a simple trigger.

  • Include an argument to pass the Event objects - for example onEdit(e).

  • Use the event objects to to extract the relevant information. For example.

    Logger.log("the edited cell = "+e.range.getA1Notation())
    Logger.log("the old value = "+e.oldValue)
    Logger.log("the new value = "+e.value)

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