I have two columns of data, one with names (A7:A), and one with percentages (B7:B).

I am trying to use the filter function to show me the names of results with non-zero percentages. I also want to change what it spits out to have only cells in column B be multiplied by a value in a specific cell (B2) but keep column A the same.

Things tried:


This works to filter out zero results but doesn't change column B


This changes column B to the desired value, but column A has #VALUE! error since it's a word and can't be multiplied by a number


This gives the right name values but keeps the original percentage values and doesn't change it.


This gives the right number values but gives #VALUE! error for name as it is not a number.

enter image description here

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Two methods come to mind:




=QUERY(A6:B,"SELECT A, B*" & B2  & " WHERE B > 0 AND A IS NOT NULL LABEL A 'Recipe', B* "& B2 &" 'lbs'", 1)

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