I am sure there is a simple formula for this but I have not been able to find a solution anywhere.

I am trying to fill a cell based on a list in a different tab. In my main sheet, each row has a country assigned (multiple from each country). I am trying to assign the next column a region, based on the corresponding country. (eg - Nigeria = Africa, Spain = Europe).

in Column F the country is included, Column G needs to show the corresponding region. The region is one of 5 possible options from Sheet B.

Appreciate any help here!

Sheet A

Sheet B

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I have a draggable formula that works, but it's certainly not the best:

    AND(Result!A2<>"", COUNTIF(INDEX(Result!A2='Main Sheet'!$A$2:$E),true)),
    INDEX('Main Sheet'!$A$1:$E$1,
          MAX(INDEX((Result!A2='Main Sheet'!$A$2:$E)*(COLUMN('Main Sheet'!$A$2:$E))))

image the main sheet: main

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