I'm not sure if this is even possible but I'll try to explain.

I have a custom shoe business and trying to get organized with money.

Column 1 is just check boxes if a shoe was provided to me instead of me buying it for them. Column 2 is the cost of the shoe Column 3 is cost of the artwork Column 4 is adding both costs as a sum of how much they owe me

So with that my question is... is it possible to make it so if the check box under column 1 isn't checked then column 2 isn't added to column 4?

( I want to keep the cost of the shoe for my notes but don't want it added if I don't need to charge for it )

Sorry if this doesn't make sense...

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try this formula:

  • Daniele, I may be wrong here; but as I understand the OP correctly, I think this is the intention: =index(if(B2:B<>"",C2:C+if(A2:A,B2:B,),)). However, this might be more clearly stated as follows: =index(if(C2:C="",,C2:C+(B2:B*A2:A))).
    – Erik Tyler
    Jun 18 at 2:58
  • =index(if(B2:B<>"",C2:C+if(A2:A,B2:B,),)) Yes, that is correct
    – Daniele
    Jun 18 at 3:24

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