I would like to create a playlist of music to listen. It seems that the default YouTube playlist function only allow you add a whole video to a playlist, but I would like to add only a section of a video.

For example, in this Karaoke stream of a Vtuber, is there a way I can create a play list that play 8:04-9:32 and 11:18-14:06 of the video?

Currently the common solution would be to download the video, cut out the sections you need, upload those sections as full video to YouTube and create a playlist based on that. Not only it is really time-consuming to do so (the time for downloading the whole video and time for video editing), watching the video in the original channel is a support to the creator. I don't mind using plugin. I am even considering writing one if there is really no solution out there, but I would like to reconfirm I am not reinventing the wheels.

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Sadly it seems that there are no solution out there. YouTube originally have the function in their playlist but have removed that more than 5 years ago.

I have written a minimalist solution for this and hope YouTube will add back this function some day. https://cytsunny.github.io/youtube-playlist/

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