When doing advanced search in JIRA, how can know what is the backend field name for the highlighted label?

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I'm trying to filter only "Type = Epic" but when I try typing "Type" in advanced search, I'm not finding the appropriate auto suggestions.

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Type should work. issuetype works as well

Jira Data Center at least allows aliases for some fields in JQL. These are the fields and their aliases:

issuetype, type remainingEstimate, timeestimate updated, updatedDate originalEstimate, timeoriginalestimate id, issue, issuekey, key created, createdDate due, duedate resolutiondate, resolved

This is not documented anywhere I could find

  • That sucks. issuetype is working. But I'm surprised as to why they aren't documented. What if I wanted to filter on another field (maybe custom even) and I can't find it in the autosuggests?
    – asprin
    Jun 25, 2022 at 7:00

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